Natural Dental Hygiene


Maintaining good dental health is a team effort and the hygienist is your main player and partner in keeping at bay the harmful effects of bacteria.

How harmful are the bacteria?

  • They can build up colonies on and around teeth under hard layers of tartar or calculus , where they are “safe” from brushing and flossing. In this protected environment the colony rapidly expands, occupying additional spaces between the teeth and gums spreading throughout the oral cavity.
  • The byproducts of living bacteria, the daily excretions they produce, are toxic to the body destroying surrounding cells and interrupting normal cell metabolism. Infections erupt around the damaged cells and you experience inflamed, irritated and bleeding gums. Over time the cell damage and inflammation spreads to bones and ligaments holding the teeth in place, eventually leading to tooth loss.

    The structural part of the bacterium, the outer membrane, present in the human body often trigger illness and a strong immune response. Chronic infections can develop putting continual strain on the immune system, lowering its capacity to fight other infections that might come along.

  • Bacteria exert their negative effect locally on teeth and gums but can also go systemic – traveling to other parts of the body; the heart, kidneys, lungs, brain and liver, negatively affecting overall health. As research continues, the link between poor oral health and heart disease, diabetes, Alzheimer’s, etc. is strengthening. Just ask the heart surgeon about the oral conditions of their patients!


1. The Hygiene Appointment:

We test to make sure patients are in good health. We check blood pressure, test saliva for Vitamin C and pH level, along with a blood oxygen test. Then, we take a sample of biofilm and look at the bacteria count with a microscope to see the quantity and kind of bacteria present. Specifically, we look for spirochetesas they are troublemakers in gum and periodontal problems.

We can quickly remove plaque, stains, and tarter above and below the gum line with fine powder and ozone water under pressure. The technology helps remove the Spirochetes as they are swimmers that can’t be easily removed with brushing. It is a far superior method to earlier deep scaling with sharp metal instruments as that method spreads bacteria into the blood stream. We use is the best approach to removing the protective layers built up by the live-in bacteria. It flushes them out of their hiding places, exposing them to ozone which is hundreds of times more effective at killing viruses and bacteria than, for example, chlorine!

2. What We Don’t Do

We do not use chemicals in any of our natural hygiene procedures, such as “Chlorohexidine”.

For natural hygiene appointments, we do not use the antibiotic Arestin, replacing it with more effective ozone and oxygenated olive oil.

3. Patient Comfort

We deliver a higher level of comfort to the patient. This makes the experience far less dramatic than other hygiene practices. =

At the follow-up cleaning appointments, we check our results with the microscope to the satisfaction of the hygienist and the patient alike!

4. Natural Dentistry – Better Hygiene Better for Patients

We can achieve the result of a “cleaning” that eliminates harmful bacteria, lessening the possibility of chronic gum infections and the subsequent systemic disease in other parts of the body.

And, we can do this without the side effects from antibiotics, fluoride, toxic metals and chemicals. We do not spread the spirochetes, but actually eliminate them with ozone, iodine and the use of what we call The Secret, a home care procedure that really works!