Amalgam Fillings: Removal Protocol

Interviewer: Dr. Woods, so a lot of people take about protocol. Weather you should follow this protocol or that protocol. What is your protocol and does that make a difference?

Paige Woods, DDS: I know, I’m asked this a lot by patients who, I’m really proud of them. They’ve gone. They’ve done the research and they have come to the realization that they want these toxic materials, this Amalgam, this Mercury fillings out of their mouths. So they coma and they want to know what protocol I use.

You know there’s Hal Huggins, there’s different places that specialize in mercury removal. But, at the end of the day the only thing that matters, number one, a sealed rubber dam. I don’t know if, a lot of patients haven’t had that use in their treatment but it basically isolated the teeth that the filling is in. It’s a water tight seal. We test it after we placed it with a clamp and then we section the mercury out.

We also put an oxygen mask over the patient’s nose to make sure that they are not breathing in any of the toxic gas or any of the degree that is put into the air. We also use an electric hand piece where can put the press’s down so that we don’t heat up the material very much. We section these pieces out and just clean everything output that tooth back up

Interviewer: Dr. Wood’s do you use homeopathic in the office or herbal remedies or anything else in conjunction with your protocol?

Paige Woods, DDS: Yes we absolutely do. Especially for our Amalgam removal procedures. We have our patients take homeopathic tablets that help. I mean our number one priority is to make sure that they don’t ingest any of this mercury, or inhale it. That’s why we utilize rubber dam, oxygen but just as an extra layer of protection, we have tem take some tablets. To make sure that if anything does get in, the body will reject it and help flush it out.


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